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Funny Videos Sell
January 28, 2015

Adding humor to your video ads can be a profitable move. Bottom line: People buy from companies they like. Don't get me wrong, what your company sells is extremely important, but if you lack personality, people could fail to remember you.

The Not-pocalypse
December 1, 2008

NEWS OF THE country’s crumbling economy is nothing unexpected at this point. Few even blink at word that the Dow has bottomed out at zero, or that fallen autumn leaves are actually worth more than the dollar now. Instead, many have moved on to making practical, fully reasonable plans for survival, like hunkering down in fallout shelters or starting Mad Max-style motorcycle gangs. Before getting carried away hoarding food, bullets and Parker Brothers products (the only thing worse than an apocalypse is a boring apocalypse), some distributors will be pleased to know there is still economic life in the pre-apocalyptic world. Specifically, many financial