Maple Ridge Farms

Taster’s Choice
October 1, 2010

Whether it's breeds of dog or kinds of alcohol, the more humanity loves something, the more varieties of said thing there tend to be. This is especially true of chocolate, which might be one of the most nuanced and diverse categories of food out there. Chocolate bars, coins, drinks, baked goods, coated fruits and even chocolate-covered potato chips are just a few of the subcategories of chocolate out there, and each one of these sub-categories can be divided into sub-sub-categories, and those into sub-sub-sub categories, and ...

On the Road Again (and again and again)
August 25, 2009

It is that time of year when my suitcase becomes my home, when I travel coast-to-coast, shake hands and get in touch with industry leaders. I have come to recognize the value in business travel, however, sometimes it can be brutal.

The Power of Cookies
March 24, 2009

Don't really have much time this week. Unlike my somewhat sassy co-worker Mike "I want to be like Charles" Cornnell, I have deadlines every week and oftentimes the blog suffers.

Maple Ridge Farms Moves To New Location
August 19, 2008

Mosinee, Wisconsin-based Maple Ridge Farms announced it has moved to a new location. The company asks distributors to take note of its new address and update all pertinent records. The new address is: Maple Ridge Farms 975 S. Park View Circle P.O. Box 69 Mosinee, WI 54455 For more information on Maple Ridge Farms, visit

The Incredible, Edible Sale
August 1, 2008

BLAME IT ON simple biology—humans just can’t get by without food. As the building blocks of life, nutrients are intrinsic to the survival of every individual. But these facts are common knowledge. What nutrients can do for the life expectancy of a marketing campaign, however, now that’s something to chew on. When promotional products are gracing the table, end-users are getting their daily recommended allowance of brand messaging in an easy-to-swallow format. By extension, a company gets much-coveted visibility, not to mention greater probability of retention. The simple health benefits of three squares a day? That’s science. The marketing possibilities associated with each

Maple Ridge Farms Moves into New 85,000 Sq. Ft. Facility
May 27, 2008

Tom Riodan, CEO of Mosinee, Wisconsin-based Maple Ridge Farms announced the company has moved into a newly constructed 85,000 sq. ft. facility. This major expansion and investment in manufacturing, warehouse and office space is located in the Central Wisconsin Business Park, adjacent to their current location at One Park View Circle. “The addition of this new facility will more than triple our existing operational space and allow us to continue to grow our business,” stated Riordan. “It certainly gives us the capacity we need to accommodate large orders, increase our custom order capabilities and increase staffing for all departments as dictated by our continued

Maple Ridge Farms Announces 85,000 Sq.-Ft. Expansion
August 28, 2007

Tom Riordan, CEO, today announced Maple Ridge Farms, Mosinee, Wis., is breaking ground for a new 85,000 sq.-ft. facility that will operate in conjunction with its existing facility. The new structure, which will be located in the Central Wisconsin Business Park in Mosinee, adjacent to the company’s current location, will increase total operating space to 110,000 sq. ft. “The addition of this new facility will more than triple our existing operational space and allow us to continue to grow our business,” stated Riordan. “We estimate the new facility will be large enough to handle our growth for the next five to seven years,