Mid-Nite Snax

Taster’s Choice
October 1, 2010

Whether it's breeds of dog or kinds of alcohol, the more humanity loves something, the more varieties of said thing there tend to be. This is especially true of chocolate, which might be one of the most nuanced and diverse categories of food out there. Chocolate bars, coins, drinks, baked goods, coated fruits and even chocolate-covered potato chips are just a few of the subcategories of chocolate out there, and each one of these sub-categories can be divided into sub-sub-categories, and those into sub-sub-sub categories, and ...

Mid-Nite Snax Acquires Gourmet Gems
January 26, 2010

Mid-Nite Snax, Mineola, N.Y., announced it acquired Gourmet Gems, Blue Springs, Mo., a company primarily known for chocolate- and candy-coated sunflower seeds.

The Price is Right
August 1, 2009


OK, don't get excited. No one in a sparkly blazer is actually calling you to be a contestant in this crazy bidding war we call the promotional products industry. Yet, it does feel a little like everyone's favorite game show sometimes, doesn't it?

Mid-Nite Snax To Launch New Site in September
September 2, 2008

Promotional product supplier Mid-Nite Snax, based in Mineola, N.Y., has been hard at work developing a new, more user-friendly Web site. The Web site is the first step towards a complete rebranding campaign aimed at revamping the company’s image. The site provides customers with a faster means of obtaining product information, and will increase customer-self-service as customers will be able to choose an item and then change the snack fill options with one click of the mouse. A special feature of the Web site will be the ability to view high-resolution images of Mid-Nite Snax products and use the images in professional presentations.

Jules Scheck Associates, Multiline Marketing Group Merge Northeast Forces
August 7, 2007

Ray Rodriguez, managing partner of Multiline Marketing Group (MMG) and Jules Scheck, president of Jules Scheck Associates (JSA), Wayne, N.J., and managing partner of Multiline Marketing Group Northeast Division, recently announced the merger of the two companies and the supplier lines they represent in the Northeast. The merger became effective Aug. 1. Under the new organizational banner, JSA and MMG will continue representing industry suppliers in the northeast, including Spector & CO, Gordon Sinclair, Mid-Nite Snax, Pioneer Balloon, Compass Industries, Pedre and Headwear USA. Primary contact for distributors and suppliers will remain at JSA’s Wayne headquarters. When asked for a key benefit of the merger, Scheck

How To Sell Food And Candy
November 1, 2006

With regards to the promotional products industry, food and candy are two of the most effective means of promoting corporate colors and building brand identity. With all the radio spots, print advertisements and commercials out there, it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the information thrown our way each day. Yet, somehow, certain things stick. There is an extensive list of colorful candies just waiting to be matched to your clients’ corporate, team or school colors. As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” When you know exactly which candies and colors are available, you have the power to give your clients instantaneous answers—something