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Product of the Day: Companion Gift Set from Next Products
October 24, 2011

An 8 oz. cup of coffee has an average 150 mg of caffeine. The Silhouette tumbler that comes in the Companion Gift Set from Next Products is 16 oz., and using the included calculator, we can do the math to see that I consume, approximately, way too much caffeine.

Breaking News: Industry Leaders Create Quality Certification Alliance
January 13, 2009

Key leaders in the promotional products industry today announced the formation of the Quality Certification Alliance, LLC (QCA), an independent, nongovernmental organization dedicated to elevating the standard in providing consistently safe, high quality, socially compliant and environmentally conscientious merchandise to Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. Executives from the organization’s founding companies officially launched QCA today at the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) Expo in Las Vegas. The QCA certification process assures merchandise manufactured, imprinted and imported by member companies conforms to established domestic and international product laws, regulations and standards. QCA has garnered wide support from numerous suppliers and distributors, including Avaline; Barton