Notes Awards Top Distributors Limited-Edition Mona Lisa Prints
September 4, 2007

Notes, Inc., Syracuse, N.Y., awarded 20 of its top distributors of 2006 with a limited-edition print of its 2007 catalog cover art: a colorful, contemporary Mona Lisa rendered by award-winning illustrator Chris Gall in his signature engraving style. The honorees were chosen from more than 1,000 distributors. “We wanted to present our best distributors with something really special; something that would show our appreciation for their superior results,” said Pete Langdon, division sales manager. “And the Gall cover fit the bill. It’s the one sales trophy that doubles as artwork.” Each year, Notes introduces a new Mona Lisa depiction to promote the

Tips of the Trade: Why Handwritten Notes Work
May 8, 2007

By Colleen Wainwright, After visiting an interesting post on how people start their work days, I blogged about it and an even more interesting thing happened (because that’s how the interwebs work!). A commenter followed up on my surprise over the effectiveness of handwritten notes with some pretty astonishing claims. So, I followed up with him, and Mike Kaselnak of HOARD Clients System, Inc., sent back a detailed account of his experiences with handwritten communication, along with good support and rationale... I am a commodity. Financial advisors are a commodity. We like to think that we aren’t, but we are. We all look