Outer Banks

Fair Play for the Fairway
March 1, 2010

The best urban legends revolve around some rather unsavory themes, don't they? Here's one more you might not have heard: "Golf" is actually an acronym for "Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden." Not true.

BroderBros. Co. Adds New Styles to Total Team Guarantee Selections
September 24, 2009

Trevose, Pennsylvania-based BroderBros. Co. announced it added several fleece styles to its popular Total Team Guarantee (TTG) selection of Gildan and Jerzees products. The company also announced that additional Hanes and Outer Banks styles have been added to the TTG selection, due to the program’s success.

Wrinkleless in Time
August 1, 2009

FROM BIRTH ON, it's pretty hard to avoid the uniform. It begins when you're sitting in the standard hospital bassinet next to a few dozen babies dressed exactly like you, and after that, well, it doesn't really end. School? Good chance of uniforms. Your first job? You better believe there's going to be uniforms. Even…

New Jersey
May 6, 2009

Outer Banks—Double Mercerized Pima Micro-strip Jersey Polo

I’m not typically a polo person, but in the interest of editorial objectivity, I’ll suspend my personal preferences. This design is just plain classy. I particularly enjoy the fact that the women’s style showcases a very slight V-neck, as opposed to the traditional button collar. It just gives the piece a little more of a feminine and fashion-forward look, which I can safely say, is always appreciated by the ladies.

Three Under Par
March 19, 2009

While a lot of golfers out there reading this might take offense to that statement, think of the layperson’s language comprehension. In normal, everyday conversation, “under par” is not exactly the most ringing endorsement of, well, anything. Who would want to hear their mechanic’s work described that way? Or worse, the skills of their heart surgeon?

Dollars and (Fashion) Sense
October 28, 2008

ECONOMY SHMECONOMY. NOT to be glib, but that headline has sold one too many papers these days. Yes, things are not necessarily prospering, however, what the general public should be talking about is how to respond to these given circumstances. Facing the unenviable challenge of helping end-buyers find value in items that can all-too-easily be considered “extraneous,” now more than ever, suppliers and distributors must continuously prove the worth of their wares. Showing how each garment can be used in a practical wardrobe application attaches a tangible benefit to every dollar spent, an essential formula for continuing to drive business through financially uncertain

Living in the Lap of Luxury
January 1, 2008

TIME HAS COME to answer the question, which, truthfully, has long been decided by some of the leading fashion houses: What’s in for spring? This year’s answer is not color, nor is it cut. Don’t be surprised that length is not it, either. This spring, fabrics are where it’s at. “The newest thing in business casual apparel is a gradual swing toward upscale fabrics,” noted Lee Strom, senior marketing manager at Seattle, Wash.-based SanMar. But, it’s not just any kind of fabric that’s in. “Luxury fabrics, like silk, are becoming more obtainable and are available at approachable price points,” explained Strom. Strom couldn’t be

Outer Banks Outfits Student Solar House Team
March 27, 2007

Outer Banks, Winston-Salem, N.C., has announced its continued promotional sportswear sponsorship of the University of Missouri Solar House project team, in which the company outfitted the student engineering team with matching Essential Pique polo shirts in pine green. The University of Missouri-Rolla is one of 20 teams selected by the U.S. Department of Energy to compete in the bi-annual Solar Decathlon that will be held on the National Mall in Washington, DC, Oct. 12-20. The competition requires participants to design, build and operate the most extravagant and energy-efficient, 800 sq. ft. solar-powered homes. In 2005, the team finished in 7th place, including a first