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May The Fourth Be With You
April 17, 2013

Three products to celebrate the favorite holiday of George Lucas and J.J. Abrams: Star Wars Day.

From Reactive to Proactive: Redefining Safety Standards in the Promotional Industry (A Four-Part Series)
October 16, 2007

The following article is the second installment in our monthlong Promo Marketing Headlines series titled, “From Reactive to Proactive: Redefining Safety Standards in the Promotional Industry.” Throughout the next four weeks, we will discuss product testing, quality assurance and how both suppliers and distributors can work in tandem to ensure the items they sell are safe for children and adults alike. Part 2: Suppliers and Distributors Sound Off on Recalls, Suggest Solutions The dust of the recent California recalls has more or less settled—the industry’s publications have all done their stories, news of the lunch boxes disseminated to affected parties, and although

How To Sell Toys
November 1, 2006

Hyper-Flex™ is a unique elastic material we have molded into our Inside Out Balls and flyers. At first glance, our Inside Out Balls look like normal stress balls. Flip them inside out and see spikes that look hard but are soft to the touch. Flip it back and reveal a perfect spot to imprint your client’s logo. To the eye, our flyers appear to be average, but to the touch, they are anything but. Not only do they have a soothing feel, but also an innovation not given to the everyday flyer—they are stretchy. You can stretch the flyers to more than 3' and