The Coolest New Products from the PPAI Expo (So Far)
January 14, 2015

The PPAI Expo is one of the best places to see the year's new products. If you couldn't make it out this year, we've got you covered. From "sporks" to "products that don't have sporks but are still great," here are some of the coolest products we've found so far.

We’re Not Going to Change It
January 8, 2015

At the 2015 PPAI Expo, FreePromoTips.com will be receiving a technology award for our website. We are honored that what we do for suppliers, distributors and the industry is being recognized by PPAI. This is also a positive for the supplier and distributor companies that understand and support what FreePromoTips.com does.

I Could Have Slept In But Why Should You Care?
October 16, 2014

Something strange has happened to me. On a recent three-day holiday weekend, I had the opportunity to sleep in. But I didn’t. I attended a concert at the Hollywood Bowl Saturday and started early Sunday packing meals at our church for families in Haiti. I was looking forward to sleeping in on the holiday Monday when my wife told me our runners group was going out at 7 a.m. What would seem like an automatic "no" has become a much easier "yes" for me.

3 Reasons Promotional Products Work Better Than Most Online Advertising
September 9, 2014

Promotional products cannot be blocked but online advertising can and is. In fact, the blocking of ads on websites is growing and, according to The Guardian, more than 150 million people now block online ads. I am one of them. I use AdBlock in Google Chrome and block ads on most websites I visit.

2015 … Really?
September 4, 2014

As I write this, it is hot in Southern California, making it hard to believe that summer is almost over and fall soon will be upon us. This year we didn’t take a big vacation, but took a couple of short ones. Our end-of-the-summer getaway was a few days on Catalina Island. Catalina is an awesome gem, just an hour by boat out of Long Beach, Calif. We hiked, visited the interior where bison roam, saw bald eagles, did miniature bowling, at which I am horrible, and had a few good meals. Getting away is so important to our personal and professional development.