Raining Rose

Special Treatments
February 1, 2009

Everything “bad” is good again! Eat dark chocolate for the antioxidants. Drink red wine for the heart-healthy benefits. Enjoy a morning cup of coffee and lower the risk for diabetes.

Not so fast, though.

Raining Rose Inc. Moves Home After the Flood
November 3, 2008

Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based Raining Rose Inc., manufacturer of natural lip balms and body-care products, announced the company has moved back to downtown Cedar Rapids after recovering from earlier flood damage.
“This flood has been a test to our company’s perseverance,” said Chuck Hammond, president and CEO of Raining Rose. “It feels good to have everyone back downtown. Although we know that there is still a great deal of work ahead of us, I know that we have already come out of this stronger.”
All of the Raining Rose staff would like to thank its customers and vendors for their patience and

Facing Floods Raining Rose’s Hammond Finds Hope
June 24, 2008

On Thursday, June 12 the Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based Raining Rose facility was hit with extreme flooding and subject to a mandatory evacuation of the area. The devastating floods have affected not only the facility but also employee homes. The company first gained access back into their facility on Friday, June 20. While the business operations of Raining Rose have been temporarily interrupted, the company has already made significant progress returning to normal. Raining Rose has obtained temporary facilities and the sales, customer support and administrative groups are fully functional. Raining Rose will continue to have the same phone number and e-mail address throughout

Raining Rose Fifth Year on Inc.’sList of Inner City 100
May 6, 2008

For the fifth consecutive year, Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based Raining Rose has been recognized by Inc. magazine as one of America’s fastest-growing urban businesses, ranking 37th on the 2008 Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC)/Inc. Magazine Inner City 100. This is Raining Rose’s highest rank to date. For the 2008 list, more than 6,500 new nominations were received, the most in the program’s history. “After five years of hard work it is an honor to be continually recognized for our continued growth,” said Chuck Hammond, president and CEO of Raining Rose. “I believe our day-to-day efforts are truly what create this environment for