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With a Name Like "Honest Company" You Should Be
June 13, 2014

We've written in this space before about the unique challenges faced by a product when a celebrity endorser goes off the rails. Now, as Jessica Alba's Earth-friendly Honest Company is just about to launch in Target stores, there are new reports that some products imported by the company from China have been previously blocked by the FDA as unsafe.

Safety: It's Never Black and White
May 30, 2014

When I worked in the corporate world, I worked for a Fortune Global 500 company. When it came to sourcing brand merchandise, protecting the corporate image by mitigating damage from an unsafe promotional product was the only way to do business. At the time, at least in my mind, safety was pretty much a black or white issue. It was either safe, or it wasn't. Since then, I've come to understand that product safety is more like a thermometer.

Newton Manufacturing Announces Top Supplier Awards
March 17, 2014

Distributor Newton Manufacturing Co., Newton, Iowa, hosted its Star Supplier Open House and Awards Ceremony last month. Employees and suppliers gathered at Newton's office for a luncheon where Newton recognized six suppliers.

SanMar Launches 2013 Holiday Gift Guide
September 18, 2013

On September 10, 2013, Seattle-based SanMar Corporation launched its 2013 Holiday Gift Guide featuring 99 gift ideas from some of the industry's top brands.