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Men's Wear Made For Work and Play
January 5, 2011

Today's issue of Threads looks at men's fashions for the office, the home and the cruise you should be going on to avoid this winter weather.

Wrinkleless in Time
August 1, 2009

FROM BIRTH ON, it's pretty hard to avoid the uniform. It begins when you're sitting in the standard hospital bassinet next to a few dozen babies dressed exactly like you, and after that, well, it doesn't really end. School? Good chance of uniforms. Your first job? You better believe there's going to be uniforms. Even…

Fall Forward
March 31, 2008

I plan ahead. For everything. So imagine my surprise at finding myself reporting on an industry that is routinely looking at, projecting on, and yes, planning for the future. Spring’s barely here and the apparel folks are hunkering down for fall? It felt like the mothership calling me home.
Besides, the current weather situation is making me supremely doubt the whole idea of spring, anyway. I’m still in my down coat, I don’t know what this “spring” is of which you speak. So I’m going to skip the disappointment at this deadbeat season and mosey on over to fall, where the fashion forecast looks

Sierra Pacific Adds Umbro, Rawlings and Hilton
January 15, 2008

Houston-based Scope Apparel, the parent company of Sierra Pacific Apparel, is excited to announce the addition of Umbro, Rawlings and Hilton to its portfolio. The new brands will be marketed to the promotional products and imprinted sportswear markets under the Sierra Pacific umbrella with Sierra Pacific, FeatherLite and Blake & Hollister. Umbro, currently available through S&S Activewear, is a well-established brand known worldwide for its soccer uniforms, footwear and equipment as well as cutting-edge athletic fashion and fan apparel. Rawlings Apparel has been providing innovative products to sports enthusiasts and professional athletes alike since 1887. With a brand awareness rate of 88

2008 Style Preview
December 1, 2007

FORGET THE FOUR SEASONS. 2008’s fashion forecast is all about states of mind. Better-cut styles will have wearers exuding confidence. Reinvigorated color choices illustrate newfound energy. Going corporate takes a turn toward the future, while organic looks keep consumers’ feet and thoughts on terra firma. Below, suppliers take stock of their offerings for the industry’s most fashion-friendly new year in recent history. “For 2008, we are thrilled to introduce our brand new Missy division, which features basic to fashionable apparel that is cut to fit the everyday woman. Nine new styles will be available at the start of the year.” —Dean Vuong, vice

Sierra Pacific Apparel Group Gives Away Computer Laptop
June 27, 2006

Houston-based Sierra Pacific Apparel Group awarded a Dell laptop computer to Linda Lough, a Philadelphia-based distributor for iPromoteu, at the Philadelphia ASI trade show this past May. In an effort to promote its FeatherLite Twill, a full-front button-down shirt that is stain-resistant, soil-release and liquid-repellent, as well as cool, comfortable and lightweight, the apparel supplier gave away hundreds of men’s and women’s brilliant green FeatherLite Twill shirts during the show. Recipients were also given a ticket for a chance to win a Dell laptop computer. Lough’s name was announced at Sierra Pacific Apparel Group’s new 20x20' island booth, which combines its three labels—Sierra