PETCO Introduces Paw It Forward Promotion
December 30, 2008

San Diego-based PETCO announced will join the Pismo Beach, California-based Pay It Forward Foundation with its twist on the Pay It Forward inspirational bracelet, as it introduces the PAW It Forward bracelet in January 2009. The first wave of PAW it Forward bracelets will be sold for $1.00 each with proceeds going to the PETCO Foundation. The Foundation gives assistance to animal welfare groups across the country. Following the success of the first wave of PAW it Forward bracelets PETCO hopes to launch a nation-wide campaign later in 2009. The PAW It Forward campaign is intended to encourage pet adoption and pet rescue.

SnugZ Sold: Mackay and Johnson Acquire 100 Percent Equity Stake in Company
December 16, 2008

SnugZ USA CEO and president Brandon Mackay and vice president Charley Johnson announced they have acquired 100 percent ownership of the company. Based in Salt Lake City, SnugZ USA produces a promotional product line that includes lanyards, eyewear retainers, personal-care items, flashlights, candle sets, picnic items and electronics. Prior to the acquisition, Mackay and Johnson were minority owners in the company. Mackay and Johnson completed negotiations for the acquisition with two other unnamed SnugZ owners on Dec. 9. “By becoming the sole owners of SnugZ USA, Charley and I will be in a position to move the company forward faster and more efficiently.

Feel Good Stories: Snugz Charity Webcast Live, Hub Pen Honored
November 18, 2008

Salt Lake City-based SnugZ USA announced on November 18 it will sponsor a worldwide telethon/webcast to help bring in funds for the production of more inspirational bracelets for the Pay It Forward Foundation. The live broadcast of the “Pay It Forward” webcast can be found on November 18 until midnight CST at To make a donation directly the Pay It Forward Foundation cause, visit For more information on the Pay It Forward Foundation, visit Hub Penned Top Supplier By Kaeser & Blair Quincy, Massachusetts-based Hub Pen Co. announced Kaeser & Blair, a top 20 distributor

SnugZ Pays It Forward With Worldwide Telethon
November 3, 2008

Salt Lake City-based SnugZ USA announced on November 18 it will sponsor a worldwide telethon/webcast to help bring in funds for the production of more inspirational bracelets for the Pay It Forward Foundation. The rubber bracelets with the message “Pay It Forward” where originally created independently of the foundation by Snugz vice president Charley Johnson as a way of encouraging acts of kindness. After having tremendous success with his personal effort, Johnson teamed up with the Pay It Forward Foundation, created by Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of the book Pay It Forward which inspired the 2000 movie Pay It Forward featuring Kevin Spacey, Helen

’Tis the Season to Keep It Simple
August 1, 2008

HOLIDAY CARDS AS a client gift might initially ring of predictability. But in an economy where everyone is looking to tighten belts and knot purse strings—not to mention one in which corporate culture has gone digital and receives less personalized mail overall—greeting cards might be the answer to keeping clients in end-users’ sights during an economically challenging holiday season. According to the Greeting Card Association (GCA), the greeting card industry rakes in over $7 billion a year, and 90 percent of U.S. households purchase cards for a variety of occasions. The GCA also reported nine in 10 people welcome the feeling of importance

‘Til We Chat Again ...
April 22, 2008

I’ve got some good news and some great news. I’ll start with the great news first: After a tenure of 51⁄2 years, Friday, April 25 will be my last day at Promo Marketing magazine. I’ve accepted a new position as a writer at an ad agency. So, herein is my final entry to my three-month stint as a blogger (well, I suppose the part about the end of the blog might be the only bad news).

But, here’s the good news: Although I will no longer be a full-time staff editor at Promo Marketing, I will, however, continue writing for the magazine

SnugZ USA Introduces ImpressionZ Inspirational Message Cards
April 8, 2008

Salt Lake City-based SnugZ USA introduced a line of handcrafted and classic greeting cards through its subsidiary line ImpressionZ in October 2007. The artful, scrapbook-style cards feature a personal touch through combining unique papers with metal, ribbon and stitching. The concept was greeted within the industry with so much success that the line was additionally translated into Spanish and French in early 2008. Effective April 2008, the company is taking the ImpressionZ greeting cards concept one step further by introducing a series of “ImpressionZ InspirationZ” message cards aimed at the workplace market. The goal of the new line is to inspire and motivate while

Words To Live By
January 26, 2008

I admit it, I love the man! At least I love those inspirational e-mails he sends out every week or so. Hi, Charley Johnson from SnugZ USA (I told him I would be blogging about him this week). Some of you may be receiving Charley’s e-mails. Don’t you just love them?

Well, the thing is, you can’t send a “self-help, live-your-best-life, seize-your-destiny” fiend thought-provoking, potentially life-altering quotations and not expect her to go bonkers!

I met Charley face-to-face for the first time at the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas. (It’s important that I specified “face-to-face” because we had been e-pals of sorts

SnugzUSA Expands with New SolutionZ Line
September 25, 2007

SnugZ USA, Salt Lake City, Utah, recently launched its SolutionZ Line of more than 40 products, featuring digital photo key chains, picnic trolleys, mini digital cameras and 40-piece tool sets. According to Charley Johnson, vice president, the line was created as an opportunity for SnugZ to grow. “With our name recognition and the awards won these past few years, we have had hundreds of requests from customers asking us to carry more products,” he said. Products in the SolutionZ line can be categorized in the following categories: trade show giveaways, executive gifts, consumer gifts, travel and outdoor products, high-tech electronics, and health and safety

Go Green (or Go Home)!
September 1, 2007

DON'T LOOK NOW, but—POOF!—the promotional products industry just went green. Green meaning, of course, eco-friendly—not violently seasick, uncontrollably jealous or oddly monochromatic. No longer is saving the earth simply a topic for college campuses and backstreet beat coffee shops. The environmental sloganeering has been replaced by actual conversation—which, it should be pointed out, never would have happened without the sloganeering—as big businesses wake up to the natural world around them. Suppliers and distributors are singing a new tune that is friendly to everyone’s ears. More importantly, end-users are purchasing environmentally responsible products and supporting conservational business practices. Even if they don’t realize it, or