Prime Line Celebrates 30 Years in the Promotional Products Business
March 22, 2010

Prime Line, Bridgeport, Conn., proudly announced its 30-year anniversary in the promotional products industry. Built in 1980 by current chairman and owner Bob Lederer, the company has grown from a start up to a top  promotional products supplier and employs nearly 200 individuals, many of whom have been with the company since its inception.

Toy Stories
September 1, 2009

PEOPLE TAKE THEIR playtime seriously. Just ask an employee to work a few hours unpaid overtime, a child to do a few chores or an editor to write over a weekend, and see how cranky they get. It stands to reason, then, that if you're in the business of promotional toys, you better be able to give something that people are going to accept into the precious few moments of free time. With that in mind, below are nine of the more interesting, unique or just plain fun toy promotions out there.

2008 Editors Picks
December 23, 2008

To wrap up the year, I wanted to take a minute to share the promotional products that the team at Promo Marketing found to be the most desirable. With each of us having reviewed hundreds of products for the magazine and seen hundreds more at trade shows, I thought the choice might be difficult. But, to my surprise, within five seconds of the asking, each of my co-workers had an answer they were sure of. Their choices (and mine) are as follows:
Michael Cornnell: Symphony Handmade Paper—Recipe Bookmarks
“What’s not to like about handmade paper?”
Kyle Richardson: Minya International—The Butt Station
“I don’t

Are You Ready To Tangle?
December 9, 2008

If you’ve ever picked up a Tangle, then you know the following information is important. We have two in our office and they are constantly being carried around and fiddled with. It’s kind of addicting, really. And, if you don’t know what the Tangle is, I’m going to make you Google it to find out.
In any case, CleggPromo, a leading supplier in sound, light and fun promotional products, announced it signed a deal with Tangle Creations, the originators of the Tangle. Beginning Jan. 1, 2009, CleggPromo will be the exclusive supplier of Tangle in the promotional products industry.
For more information on

How was Chicago?
July 29, 2008

After catching a late-night flight back from Chicago, I can say it’s good to be home. It was a good trip in terms of meeting new people and finding exciting products that we will be showcasing in upcoming issues. While I’m not sure how the show traffic compares to last year (you tell me), there definitely were ample suppliers and distributors to talk to. Unfortunately, I won’t be in Long Beach next week but I hope everyone will stop by the booth and say hello to Anthony and Erin. It’s a good place to check out our end-buyer catalogs and if you haven’t