Top 10 Father’s Day Promotions
April 1, 2010

FATHER'S DAY. A day for eating steak and watching sports? Definitely*. Is it also a day full of potential for promotional products? We're pretty sure that's a yes**.

Who in the World is Ned Ludd?
May 1, 2008

MAN OR MYTH, fact or fiction, Ned Ludd is oft-cited as the inspiration for the Luddite movement of early 19th century England. A supposed simpleton, Ludd was fabled to have destroyed two automated looms, epitomizing and inspiring the coming Luddite revolt against the machinery of the industrial revolution. The Luddites believed technological advances hurt their livelihood—as automated machines required fewer artisans—and rallied to slow their progress, smashing equipment in the name of the working man. Centuries later, the Luddite movement survives, often referred to as neo-Luddites, who rally against computers, cell phones and other gadgets that can be considered the automated loom of the

Toy Around with Gadgets & Gifts
June 22, 2006

May the road rise to meet you May the wind be always at your back And, may your Irish crystal recognition award be shipped directly from County Tyrone, Ireland. Not exactly how this Irish phrase goes, but it could very well be the dictum from Incentive Concepts, the Maryland Heights, Missouri-based supplier that knows the importance of adding value to distinguish its offerings from the slew of brand-name choices available in the ad-specialty industry. “Buyers are looking for the perfect product that will motivate, excite and create the desired response, yet buyers will do their homework and research to find the best value—not just price—for their customers,” said