TRG Group

TRG Group Helps Families In Need
January 29, 2008

St. Louis-based TRG Group, an international leader in the travel gear industry, participated in its second annual adoption of families from St. Louis’ 100 Neediest Cases last month. With the help of the United Way and the “St. Louis Post-Dispatch,” the St. Louis 100 Neediest Cases is a tradition, that each year publishes local personal stories of hardship and tragedy, in hopes of generating a spirit of giving to those less fortunate. The organization accepts group and individual donations by soliciting the help of friends or colleagues to adopt a family, or multiple families. This year, TRG Group was able to provide five

TRG Invests in the Future, Adopts an Elementary School
October 15, 2007

In its continuing efforts to make a difference in the community, TRG Group, St. Louis, has adopted Baden Elementary School in North St. Louis County.  The principal and staff are committed to the school’s mission “that every child can and will learn in a caring and supportive environment.” The majority of the 300 Pre-K through 6th Grade students are from families challenged with severe poverty.  “It is staggering to comprehend that 281 out of the 300 students qualify for the free or reduced lunch program at Baden,” said event organizer Renee James, senior operations manager, corporate markets. “In years past, too many of these