Top 50 Suppliers
July 1, 2011

2011 Rank 2010 Rank Company 2010 Revenue 2009 Revenue Employees Locations Principal City, State1 1 Broder Bros. $791,335,000 $705,235,000 1,039 18 Tom Myers, CEO Trevose, PA2 2/5 Ennis/Alstyle Apparel $550,000,000 $517,738,000 6,100 40 Keith Walters, Midlothian, TX chairman/CEO/president3 3 Norwood & BIC $385,000,000 $410,000,000 - - Nicolas Paillot, CEO Clearwater, FL Graphic North America4 4…

Product of the Day: Encompass from Tri-Mountain
May 12, 2011

Need some direction for a promotion? Steer clients to the Encompass jacket from Tri-Mountain and watch your sales soar north. The medium-weight, wind- and water-resistant jacket will always point you the right way. Navigational puns are the easiest.

Femme Fashionable
May 1, 2011

The late Elizabeth Taylor once said, "I don't pretend to be an ordinary housewife." Probably no one ever accused the eight-times-married actress of being a normal housewife, but her statement relates to more than her inability to settle down

Fashionably Female
April 13, 2011

New and female-centric lines in the fashion and promotional products industries show the benefit of selling women's apparel designed by women.

Editor's Picks: Three of Fore
March 15, 2011

In March's issue of Promo Marketing, we looked at some of the latest styles and features in golf apparel. Check out a sample of spring's hottest looks here.

The Future of Fleece
July 1, 2010

Whether it's being made from recycled materials, having any number of advanced performance features for athletics, or merely featuring strategically placed pocket to hold an MP3 player, it's obvious that the cutting edge of apparel technology is present in fleece apparel.

2010 Top 50 Supplier List
July 1, 2010

2010 Rank 2009 Rank Company 2009 Revenue 2008 Revenue Employees Locations Principal City, State 1 1 Broder Bros. $688,000,000 $903,000,000 - 19 Tom Myers, CEO Trevose, PA 2 2 Ennis $584,029,000 $610,610,000 5,200 40 Keith Walters, chairman/CEO Midlothian, TX 3 4/7 Norwood & BIC $410,000,000 n/a 2,300 7 Quenten Wentworth, Clearwater, FL Graphic North America…

Weatheror Not
September 1, 2009

OPTIMISM IS A funny thing. Sometimes seeing the good side of a situation is all a matter of personal perception. Example: Instead of fretting over snow, rain or even chilly fall days lowering the exposure of your T-shirt promotions, why not look at inclement weather as an opportunity to sell imprinted outerwear?