Warwick Publishing

Save The Dates
June 1, 2011

As promotional items, calendars might seem about as interesting as a 6th-grade play on the metric system. Thankfully the boring reputation of calendars is more myth than fact.

Making Time
June 19, 2009

4236 B.C. FOLLOWING the 365-day cycle of the star Sirius, ancient Egyptians record the very first year. An auspicious day for humanity to be sure, but even more so for those in the calendar business. After all, without the star-gazing and detail-obsessed people hanging out by the Nile all those years ago, they’d be without a job.

Warwick Publishing Acquires Winthrop-Atkins
December 30, 2008

Warwick Publishing, based in St. Charles, Ill. announced the acquisition of the Middleboro, Massachusetts-based Winthrop-Atkins Company. This purchase brings together two of the industry’s most venerable calendar manufacturers to provide a comprehensive product line that showcases the full breadth of calendar marketing. Further, the family businesses have worked to create a wide-range of U.S.-made paper specialty products including presentation folders, photo frames and accessories, greeting cards, and other custom promotional paper specialties. “What a perfect fit,” explained Jim Paschal, president of Warwick Publishing. “While we’ve been friendly competitors in the desk calendar field for four generations, both of our companies have grown in new