TRG Group Introduces Victorinox Travel Gear Altmont 3.0 Collection
February 25, 2013

TRG Group announced that Victorinox Travel Gear recently launched a new collection of backpacks, messengers, and day bags called Altmont 3.0. New in this collection is a focus on individuality, as well as what technology you carry. In addition to previous colors of black and red, there are two new colors offered: gray and navy.

Wenger SA Establishes Partnership with TRG Group
September 29, 2011

Swiss Army Knife manufacturer Wenger SA has established a partnership with St. Louis, Missouri-based TRG Group wherein the company will design, produce, market and sell Wenger products in the United States and select key international markets beginning January 1, 2012.

With Promotional Time Pieces, Time Is On Your Side
September 29, 2010

This week Promo Marketing Threads takes a look at a few different promotional watch styles. Whether it be an end of the year corporate gift or a thank you for that swanky fundraiser, promotional time pieces are hard to be beat.

Leed’s Holiday Gift Guide Features New Brands
August 7, 2007

The 2007 “Brand the Holiday” catalog from Leed’s, Pittsburgh, includes the addition of Dockers, Alicia Klein and Day-Timer branded products. The catalog features 128 pages dedicated to new products in six categories: lifestyle gifts, business and travel, drinkware, executive and desktop, stationery and technology. The three new brands join Cutter & Buck, High Sierra, Laguiole, Wenger, Slazenger, Stanley and Garrity branded products, in addition to a wide selection of exclusive items. “This year’s holiday gift is a labor of love,” said Erin Lewis, manager of marketing promotion. “We know that our customers share suppliers’ catalogs with their customers, so we’ve taken the time to

Leed’s Unveils 525 New Product Styles in 2007 Catalog
January 23, 2007

Leed’s, Pittsburgh, has introduced its full-line catalog with a host of options and ideas, complete with superb feature images, collection shots of entire branded lines, and a layout that is easy to navigate. With 1,167 product styles in multiple color options spanning 11 categories and including 10 retail brands, the 596-page resource provides a one-stop shop for distributors. According to David Nicholson, president, Leed’s primarily focused on “quality and innovation” during the development of the 2007 product line. “We designed, researched, investigated and tested thousands of options before we honed in on this exciting combination of products.” And the company’s products come in a