Winner Mate Sportswear

Editor's Picks: PROMOTIONS EAST Edition
June 7, 2011

We're out at PROMOTIONS EAST today for the final day of exhibits, and after four days of Atlantic City weather and booth browsing, we've got some summer trade show-themed Editor's Picks lined up for you.

And the Winner Is ...
November 5, 2009

Aureus/WinnerMate—BreezeBlocker Sweater

Stay warm and cozy with the BreezeBlocker Sweater by Aureas/WinnerMate. Because of the unique stretchable breeze blocker lining, this sweater can protect wearers against the first chill of cold weather. For a comfortable fit, this sweater features Lycra in the bottom and cuffs. Zip neckline gives wearers a sporty, casual, yet stylish look. The blend of fine cotton and acrylic makes the sweater easy to care for as an added bonus.