Augusta - The chemical Bisphenol-A also called, BPA could top Maine's worst of the worst toxic chemicals list. In Augusta Thursday the board of environmental protection (BEP) heard from dozens of people who support the ban of BPA in children's products. If banned it would be Maine's first "priority chemical" under the kid-safe products act of 2008. While the ban got a lot of support Thursday, some think it needs to be expanded even more to eliminate BPA in food packaging. Michael Belliveau is the executive director of the Environmental Health Strategy Center. Belliveau says, "This won't be a

Rather surprisingly (to this editor, at least), moisture-wicking treatments can eventually launder their way right out of apparel. Though "chemically treated" clothing sounds slightly dubious, it's actually the way companies ensure consistent performance qualities from garment to garment. Natural fibers, on the other hand, can deviate slightly.

Chad Trollinger, director of marketing for Augusta Sportswear in Augusta, Ga., suggested this nugget: Distributors should particularly look for companies that do extensive wash testing on their garments. This way, they can be sure fabric extras will last a lifetime.

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