Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Cape Girardeau, Missouri-based Magna-Tel Inc. announced the company launched a free webinar series available to all distributors. The free sales webinars will be hosted by Charles Duggan, MAS, director of sales, and will cover a variety of topics from “Take a Walk on the Wild Side with Ideas for Pets” to “How to Sell a $20,000 Order.”

Cape Girardeau, Missouri-based Magna-Tel Inc. announced it has implemented several initiatives to help make its business location more environmentally friendly in 2008.
In May of this year, Magna-Tel and its employees started the Magna-Tel community garden. Magna-Tel provided dirt, seeds, plants and other necessary supplies. Magna-Tel employees donated their time tilling the land, planting, weeding, watering and picking. Magna-Tel hopes to add fruit trees near the garden later this year. To protect the plants from insects, a homemade organic insecticidal soap spray, which is 100 percent environmentally friendly, is used when needed.
In addition, Magna-Tel has an energy task force that continually works on

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