Amanda L. Cole is the editor-in-chief of special projects for Promo Marketing.

Detroit, saddled with more than $18 billion in debt, became the biggest U.S. city in history to file for bankruptcy.

Once a symbol of America's industrial might and more recently an example of urban decay, crime and hopelessness, the home to the nation's automobile industry took the step after months of negotiations with creditors failed.

"I'm making this tough decision so the people of Detroit will have the basic services they deserve and so we can start to put Detroit on a solid financial footing that will allow it to grow and prosper in the future," said Gov. Rick Snyder.

Austin, Texas-based Boundless Network, a leader in professionalizing the promotional products industry, announced 18 sales professionals joined the company from April 1 to June 30 of this year. This growth represents a more than 25 percent increase in size of the Boundless Network sales organization. The company also added 18 corporate employees at locations throughout the nation. These Q2 hires continue to make Boundless Network one of the fastest growing companies in the promotional marketing industry. “We are proud of our ability to deliver on our ambitious growth strategy, attracting many of the top professionals in the industry,” said Jason Black, Boundless Network CEO.

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