Climbing a mountain can get so annoying! All that walking, plus there's gear to tote—water, oxygen ... um ...flashlights, tents, a change of clothes, a cappuccino machine...the list goes on and on! (Full disclosure: I have never climbed a mountain.) Luckily for those who have and do so often, Perserverance Mills Ltd., a textile manufacturer based in Lancanshire, England, came up with Pertex. The fabric is crafted from tightly woven microfiber yarns and is often used in sleeping-bag construction. (That's right, sleeping bags! You would also need sleeping bags whilst climbing a mountain. Add that to the list.) Well, whatever you bring, Pertex packs light and is a great for saving space without sacrificing comfort.

WHEN AMAZON RELEASED Kindle, its wireless reading device, bibliophiles everywhere shuddered. It was just another instance of a new technology running up against a treasured pastime. As any book lover will attest, there’s just something irreplaceable about the look, feel, and yes, even smell of a bound volume.

MAN OR MYTH, fact or fiction, Ned Ludd is oft-cited as the inspiration for the Luddite movement of early 19th century England. A supposed simpleton, Ludd was fabled to have destroyed two automated looms, epitomizing and inspiring the coming Luddite revolt against the machinery of the industrial revolution. The Luddites believed technological advances hurt their livelihood—as automated machines required fewer artisans—and rallied to slow their progress, smashing equipment in the name of the working man. Centuries later, the Luddite movement survives, often referred to as neo-Luddites, who rally against computers, cell phones and other gadgets that can be considered the automated loom of the

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