Fargo, North Dakota

FRS Industries, based in Fargo, North Dakota, is celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2010. Nugent & Brown Book Binders, as it was known in 1885, was started by G.H. Brown and A.E. Nugent of Fargo.

In business since 1885, Fargo, North Dakota-based FRS Industries Inc. is normally a manufacturer of items such as rubber stamps, award ribbons, buttons and banners, but over the course of the past week employees have worked hard to produce something else—sandbags. Sadly, two of FRS Industries' employees have lost homes to water, but Larson is hopeful they will be able to work with city, state and governmental agencies to get help in recovering. With the Red River having crested and most sandbag levees holding, the Fargo area now braces for an expected eight to 14 inches of snow that bring new dangers of freezing and eroding defenses.

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