Fenton, Missouri

Fenton, Missouri-based Quick Point announced it is introducing a line of greeting cards with antimicrobial phone pads attached. Quick Point’s antimicrobial phone pad protects a phone from the growth of harmful germs and bacteria for 12 months, reinforcing the greeting cards' sentiments for a full year.

T’S NOT THAT easy being green. When Icelandic musician, Bragi Thor Valsson penned this lyric decades ago—which later became famous in the 1970’s by everybody’s favorite frog, Kermit—he couldn’t have known how prophetic the words would one day prove to be. Aside from providing a lovable children’s puppet with a cathartic means by which to come to terms with his self image, the lyric has, for this writer, come to epitomize the largely unspoken sentiment felt by much of the industry—What exactly does it mean to “go green?” For many suppliers, such as Fenton, Missouri-based QuickPoint, going green has to do with the incorporation,

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