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The world's most powerful political leaders will gather this week in France to chart a course for the global economy as the outlook for growth remains fraught with risks.

The two-day Group of 20 summit kicks off Thursday in Cannes, with Europe's sovereign debt and banking crisis expected to dominate behind-the-scenes talks.

After much political wrangling, European Union leaders managed to finally put together a deal last week to contain the debt crisis in Greece, strengthen bank balance sheets and prevent the spread of contagion to larger euro area nations.

But key details and questions remain.

Gill Studios, Lenexa, Kan., was honored as winner of the "Packaging Material" category for the first ever Lenstar Lenticular Print Award (LLPA) at Dimensions 3 International 3D and New Images Forum in Paris, France.

WHEN AMAZON RELEASED Kindle, its wireless reading device, bibliophiles everywhere shuddered. It was just another instance of a new technology running up against a treasured pastime. As any book lover will attest, there’s just something irreplaceable about the look, feel, and yes, even smell of a bound volume.

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