One month from today is my favorite holiday, Oktoberfest. Can't get out of work to fly to Germany? Just pick up this 1 Liter German Beer Mug from HOWW Manufacturing for a month-long celebration of drinking at your desk. Drinking coffee, of course. Crisp, golden coffee.

Deep in the Black Forest of Germany, a woman bore twin daughters and called them Daphne and Vera.

Magical powers were their birthright, and everywhere they went plain folks tried to buy the twins’ mystical clothing off their backs, hoping to acquire similar forces.

Chicago-based award supplier R.S. Owens & Co. announced a strategic alliance with Aetzkunst Trophies Germany, based in Zimmern, Germany, to be the exclusive distributor of R.S. Owens & Co. awards in the German market. Aetzkunst is one of Europe’s leading producers of awards, gifts and trophies, specializing in awards and recognition products for corporations and the sports market.

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