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So, like OMG, have you seen the ginormous diamond Angelina Jolie has been flashing in Hollywood or whatever country she is trying to save? Bad pun alert: If you haven’t, then you must be living under a rock.

You won’t find his name listed among the “Entourage” credits (although it has been mentioned on the show), but Washington Crossing resident Scott Seigal is among the most important behind-the-scenes players on the hit HBO comedy. If Seigal doesn’t like something in the script, there’s a good chance it won’t make it onto the show.

“He reads every script before it airs,” says “Entourage” creator/executive producer/head writer Doug Ellin. “He’s probably the first person after the show’s inner circle who sees them.” So is Seigal some highly respected Hollywood insider? A famous screenwriter?

Nope, just the vice president of sales at Bodek and Rhodes, a Philadelphia-based wholesaler of imprintable activewear.

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By Andy Vineberg

I promised myself that this month I would not mention the “E” word. I would not subject you, my dear readers, to any more pep rallies or sales mantras dedicated to getting us all through the “R” word, which I also promised myself I would not mention.

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