Karen Kane Inc. has been manufacturing women's clothing for more than 30 years and employs 165 workers. Michael Kane, one of the company's owners, said for most of those years at least half of his clothing has been manufactured in China.

But because of sky-rocketing fuel costs and delays getting products imported through customs due to terrorism concerns, Kane has recently found it more cost effective and productive to manufacture roughly 90 percent of his clothing in L.A.

According to economists, Kane's company is not the only local or national business deciding to manufacture more of its products in the U.S. 

Stars like Ginnifer Goodwin, Christina Hendricks, Abbie Cornish, Marisa Tomei and Perrey Reeves kicked off Oscar week last night in L.A. at a private reception, sponsored by Dior and Vanity Fair, for artist Kimberly Brooks’ exhibition "The Stylist Project."

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! I'm sure you're all aware, but "Cinco de Mayo" translates to "fifth of May" in Spanish, or "Congratulations! Your magazine is kicking butt, but is also starting like three new projects in May! Enjoy trying to write a blog!" if you speak Promo Marketing.

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