Lincoln, Rhode Island

Lincoln, Rhode Island-based A.T. Cross Company announced a licensing agreement with FranklinCovey Products, the official consumer products licensee of the Salt Lake City-based FranklinCovey Co. brand and manufacturer of binders, laptop bags, and other productivity and organizational tools and accessories.

WHEN IT COMES to the advancement of the species, mankind seems to have its finger on the fast- forward button. On a fairly regular basis, giant leaps are made in varying fields from technology to medicine. But for every move toward the next new-and-shiny improvement coming off the assembly line of progress, there is a quieter, and equally meaningful, reaction. No doubt, we like our cutting-edge toys, yet people still take comfort in and certainly continue to utilize items that are, supposedly, outmoded. Take car collectors. For every top-of-the-line Ferrari in the garage, there’s a recently rebuilt classic car waiting for its turn around the block.

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