With the Olympics fast approaching, London is preparing to be on show to the world. It is not only the Olympic village and stadiums which need to be ready in time for the influx of global attention but also local businesses such as hotels and restaurants.

As ambassadors for the country, second-rate will not suffice. As such, all over London, businesses are undergoing refurbishment and are, in many cases, rebranding themselves and planning suitable promotional advertising campaigns, to make sure that they are ready to be on show to the world.

SAVILE ROW, IN London, is Mecca for sartorially minded men, from Winston Churchill to James Bond. The street is filled with clothiers that specialize in “bespoke tailoring,” or the custom designing of suits per patrons’ specifications and measurements. The result? It’s not just an outfit—it’s a lifestyle. Say you bought your suit on Savile Row, and it will immediately conjure images of martinis, shaken not stirred; fast cars; and an exotic, glamorous life that has no place for off-the-rack garments. Simply, “custom” implies something special. So, why not put those thoughts to work when creating your next promotion?

MARY POPPINS HERSELF would happily confess the number of times her umbrella was a lifesaver—helping her blow town right before being asked troubling questions like, “Why is the banister so well-dusted?” or “Why are my children spending time with vagrant chimney sweeps?”

Here’s a little news you can use: A few months ago, London retail giant Harrods began selling a new line of bulletproof clothing from designer Miguel Caballero. Talk about performance benefits! Move over, moisture-wicking. This is so James Bond.

It can resist Uzi shots. I have nothing more to say about that special feature, other than to emphasize: It can resist Uzi shots.

The catch? The polo costs $12,000. But something tells me that if you’re in the position to be shot at more than once—predicaments which would necessitate the use of a bulletproof polo shirt—it might be worth it. Think price-per-wear.

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