Los Angeles County

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A Los Angeles county superior court judge ruled against a legal challenge to the county's plastic bag ban last week, according to county supervisor Gloria Molina.

The legal challenge was made by a group that included South Carolina plastic manufacturer Hilex-Poly, which argued that law violates state Proposition 26, which prevents a tax from being disguised as a fee.

The county's ban includes a 10 cent charge on brown paper bags, which the lawsuit contended was effectively a tax.

Molina wrote in a press release that she views that ruling as a victory for the county.

The County of Los Angeles will begin enforcement on a ban of carryout plastic bags on Friday, July 1, 2011. Adopted by the county's board of supervisors on November 16, 2010, the ordinance will require all supermarkets and large retail stores to cease handing out disposable plastic bags, and charge $0.10 per paper bag given to customers.

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