Milwaukie, Oregon

St. Louis-based Facilis Group announced it has added A1 Fresh Impressions of Milwaukie, Oregon to the company's select group of partners. Facilis Group encompasses a national organization under its industry-leading @ease system of Web-based IT and management solutions for promotional services companies.

IT’S HARD NOT to detect a sense of pride in the tone of business owners who manufacture domestically. The whole thing can be likened to a proud father announcing the birth of his firstborn son. At this year’s PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, this writer marveled at the countless booths that donned the “Made in the USA” designation. From household items constructed of plastic derived from U.S.-grown corn to U.S.-manufactured T-shirts decorated with crystals, the selections were endless. Then, it suddenly made sense—despite all the hype of overseas manufacturing purported to being the wave of the future, American manufacturing continues to thrive in

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