Monrovia, California

As continued supporters of education, Tampa, Florida-based Promotional Products Association of Florida (PPAF) recognized the winners of the 2008 PPAF scholarship program. The winners were George Matchak of Monrovia, California-based Sweda Company; Bill Szydlowski of Newton, Iowa-based The Vernon Company and Tim Merritt of Batavia, Ohio-based Kaeser & Blair.

When referencing such a broad concept as time, there are so many puns and expressions available to a writer, coming up with one on the fly is second nature. (There’s one, get it? “Second” nature?) As such, this paragraph represents a moment of truth (two) for its author—an exercise in candor that may or may not backfire, but here goes. The jig is up. The following article overuses clever catchphrases about time. Yes, it details great tips for selling clocks and watches, but collateral damage is done in the form of exuberant quippy-ness. So read on, and learn the latest time trends down

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