Clothing brand Alternative Apparel has chosen to consolidate and expand its headquarters at Indian Brooks business park in Norcross, Ga., having signed a long-term, 131,000-square-foot lease renewal.

As of May 1, Alternative Apparel will start occupying the new space and will vacate the 85,000 square feet it holds in two industrial buildings within the office park. The company will consolidate its operations under one roof at 1650 Indian Brook Way. The expanded space will serve as the hub for distribution of Alternative Apparel's clothing lines as well as provide office space for customer support, operations, finance and other administrative functions.

FROM THEIR INCEPTION as appropriate-for-daytime-wear wardrobe standby (or inappropriate, depending on who’s doing the judging), T-shirts have been the put-upon younger brother of the apparel clan. Slacker. Underachiever. Slob. Uniform of the basement-dwelling video-game player, or worse, the go-to garment for sweaty work outside or on a treadmill. Yet, in the last 10 years or so, there’s been a bit of a shake-up in the hierarchy. T-shirts grew up. In fact, they became king. In an effort to emanate a more offbeat vibe, many designers began adding them to their collections, emblazoned with rock-and-roll icons and/or ironic witticisms. Likewise, in a nod toward

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