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The first city to ban plastic bags has become a pioneer again by considering the prohibition of distributing bottled water on city property. If approved, the legislation, introduced Dec. 17, would phase out the sale and distribution of plastic bottles containing 21 or fewer ounces of water on municipal property starting Oct. 1, 2014.

The extension of the 5-year-old plastic bag ban in San Francisco to all retail establishments has gotten the OK from a lower court to go into effect next month, as scheduled.

But Stephen Joseph, attorney for the Save the Plastic Bag Coalition, said he will take the case to the First District Court of Appeals in San Francisco, where the coalition also has a lawsuit pending against a Marin County plastic ban bag.

"We are appealing" the San Francisco plastic bag court ruling, Joseph told Plastics News after the Superior Court of California for the county of California denied the coalition's request.

San Francisco's Healthy Meal Incentive Ordinance, which goes into effect today, prevents restaurants from giving away promotional toys with kids' meals. McDonald's responded this morning by changing its policy in the city, allowing parents to buy the toys for $0.10 with the purchase of a Happy Meal.

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