Seattle, Wash.

Seattle-based SanMar Corporation, a leading supplier of imprintable apparel and accessories, is introducing Caps and Bags, a new 60-page brochure that focuses exclusively on SanMar’s extensive collection, including 16 new caps and 16 new bags.

TIME HAS COME to answer the question, which, truthfully, has long been decided by some of the leading fashion houses: What’s in for spring? This year’s answer is not color, nor is it cut. Don’t be surprised that length is not it, either. This spring, fabrics are where it’s at. “The newest thing in business casual apparel is a gradual swing toward upscale fabrics,” noted Lee Strom, senior marketing manager at Seattle, Wash.-based SanMar. But, it’s not just any kind of fabric that’s in. “Luxury fabrics, like silk, are becoming more obtainable and are available at approachable price points,” explained Strom. Strom couldn’t be

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