iClick, a Seattle-based supplier of USB drives and writing instruments, announced the hiring of two vice presidents in preparation for the launch of a new business venture. The iClick team welcomed Jonathan Irvin and Roger Burnett, two former national directors of branded merchandise at WorkflowOne, to lead a new initiative called iClick Decorate. iClick will reveal the new venture at ASI's Chicago Show.

Many countries and a handful of American cities have more or less done away with plastic shopping bags, by discouraging their use through taxes at checkout counters or outright bans. Walk down the streets of Dublin or Seattle or San Francisco and there is barely a bag in sight.

"It didn't take people very long to accommodate at all," said Dick Lilly, manager for waste prevention in Seattle, where a plastic-bag ban took effect last summer. "Basically overnight those grocery and drugstore bags were gone."

But in much of America we seem more addicted than ever.

iClick, a USB and pen supplier from Seattle, announced the launch of its ReadyCredit program, which automatically extends $2,000 in credit to all promotional product distributors.

Seattle-based SanMar Corporation, a leading industry supplier of apparel and accessories, launched its 2012 Holiday Gift Guide featuring more than 85 gift ideas from brand favorites.

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