The way in which ground shipping charges are derived is about to change in 2015. Are you prepared? Both FedEx and UPS announced plans to apply dimensional weight pricing on all packages. The two companies already use this pricing on many of their other services, but have now opted to expand this practice further. Both companies believe these changes will help to reduce excess packaging materials and overall package sizes in order to better optimize loads, which may ultimately lead to related reductions in fuel use, vehicle emissions and transportation costs.

The recently rebranded United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) has re-launched itself at its annual meeting in New York, amidst predictions that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement should be completed in early 2014.

Kim Glas, deputy assistant secretary for textiles and apparel at the US commerce department, said negotiators and regulators still needed help in working on a list of textiles that all agree are in short supply and hence encounter fewer trade barriers under the TPP. It currently contains some 217 products.

Online fashion retailer Asos has recalled a batch of belts after US customs officials discovered they were radioactive.

A spokesman for the London-listed retailer said the belts, which are made of leather and covered with metal studs, were being held at a radioactive storage facility after testing positive for Cobalt-60.

Asos—which counts US First Lady Michelle Obama among its fans—sold around 50 of the belts to customers in some 15 countries before the recall in January, when US customs agents found traces of the radioactive substance in one of the products.

US Logo, a Wichita-based screen printer, has acquired rival Wichita company Metro Apparel. US Logo will add Metro Apparel's promotional products and apparel items and decorations to its services.

The “Farm Bill”, which is under consideration of the United States Senate, has been severely condemned by a group of African cotton producing nations.

African nations, which have opposed the US cotton subsidies for years together, criticized the bill saying it is subsidy under a new guise.

Zippo Manufacturing Co., a well-known U.S. lighter manufacturing firm that sells to the promotional products industry exclusively through Leed's, is eyeing penetration in China, and it intends to grow into China's most adorable fashion brand by introducing American style clothing.

The firm, famous for the windproof metal lighters, operates a single outlet in the US. However, it intends to launch five flagship outlets in China by close of current year.

While not restraining itself to selling lighters, the family-owned business is looking forward to launch a new men's apparel line featuring American-style apparels and accessories.

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