The Problem with Promotional T-shirts
February 3, 2016 at 6:11 pm

Confession: I have a lot of promotional T-shirts—but I wear the majority of them as pajama tops. Why? It’s not about color, style, texture or unwieldy logos. It’s not even a matter of actually liking whatever organization, cause or movie the…

Fabric, Fit and Fun: How to Sell a GREAT T-shirt
November 8, 2013

Why would someone choose one T-shirt over the other? Think about what would make you spend $25 on a shirt, and use that knowledge to help customers create unique and impactful apparel.

Apparel with Live Moving Animation is Here, and It's Pretty Cool
October 21, 2013

Bloomberg Businessweek recently reported on a new apparel company animating T-shirts by cutting holes in the artwork, then placing smartphones or tablets behind the opening and configuring them so an animation would play. Is this a technology you could apply to your apparel marketing?

Cotton or Nothing?
October 2, 2013

A new movement demands 100 percent cotton in all garments. What about high-quality synthetic tech fabrics?

2013 NBA Finals Apparel
June 24, 2013

The finals are over, the champions have been crowned, and all the commemorative gear has been handed out. Click through to see some of the best apparel promotions from the series.