Not Your Parents’ T-shirts
May 29, 2013

While picking up my daughter after her freshman year of college this past week, I had a chance to see the spring of T-shirts in full bloom everywhere.

Entertainment Meets Marketing: Amazing Gatsby, Pop Art and Rock Music Promos

May 13, 2013

Entertainment and promotional marketing: A pairing that normally reminds us of being forced to eat Hulk-colored Taco Bell at gunpoint while Rihanna sings something about love and Go-Bots in the background will, on occasion, produce something worth looking at. Call it a miracle or call it people actually putting more than two-seconds effort into their jobs, but sometimes, entertainment marketing can produce some beautiful and engaging pieces.

Wear a Running Shirt
April 17, 2013

Many Americans show tribute to those impacted by the Boston Marathon tragedy by wearing running shirts.

The 5 Best T-shirt Designs for Total Slackers
March 18, 2013

Equal parts ironic-mastery and legitimate design prowess, a great slacker tee is the perfect mix of beauty, minimalism, and eye-rolling laughter needed to say exactly what the wearer wants to communicate about his or herself. And since we're all more or less in the business of perfect expression via T-shirt, I thought it might be cool and helpful and informative to look at some of the best slacker-esque designs out there floating around on the internet today.

7 Winter Promotions
February 6, 2013

Valentine's Day and other promotion ideas for February and March.

I Don’t Want My MTV: When celebrity fashion takes a very wrong turn
August 21, 2012

The award show red carpet is a playground for celebrities to experiment and push fashion boundaries. Proceed with caution when designing your own wardrobe to avoid being on somebody’s “worst dressed list.” Promotional apparel can allow for fun and flexibility without crossing the line.

Wasted Opportunity?
July 31, 2012

Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson's eclectic looks lead to the question: Is there room for fun in promotional apparel campaigns?