Alisa Buckner

Golf is one of the few sports that encourages individual fashion. The styles worn by golfers show their character, professionalism and dedication to the game. A golf course is often an outdoor office for much of corporate America.

Buckner has been with Dunbrooke since the summer of 2007, first serving as a telemarketing sales representative and then as marketing and merchandising coordinator. [...] Dunbrooke announced the expansion of territories and that new multiline representatives have joined the Dunbrooke sales team.

SOME MAY HAVE bad memories of buying that first car. For others, recollections of purchasing a bum computer, house or even a bottle of weight-loss pills could be what’s causing all those late-night anxiety attacks. A broken guarantee here, a promise fallen through there, and suddenly all that’s left is a car repair bill in the thousands and lingering doubts that the dusty ten-speed bike can make it to the office.

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