Brandon Mackay

Brandon Mackay, MAS, president and CEO of SnugZ USA, has acquired 100 percent of the Salt Lake City-based company. “SnugZ USA has never stopped evolving or growing and I couldn’t be more blessed than to have the opportunity," said Mackay. "Our model and culture is priceless and our team is the best in the industry, period. I’m extremely grateful and look forward to the next chapter of the SnugZ USA story.”

Below is part two of my thoughts and notes from the education sessions I attended Tuesday at The PPAI Expo Las Vegas. Tomorrow I'll be posting my third and final set of notes on the sessions.

SnugZ USA CEO and president Brandon Mackay and vice president Charley Johnson announced they have acquired 100 percent ownership of the company. Based in Salt Lake City, SnugZ USA produces a promotional product line that includes lanyards, eyewear retainers, personal-care items, flashlights, candle sets, picnic items and electronics. Prior to the acquisition, Mackay and Johnson were minority owners in the company. Mackay and Johnson completed negotiations for the acquisition with two other unnamed SnugZ owners on Dec. 9. “By becoming the sole owners of SnugZ USA, Charley and I will be in a position to move the company forward faster and more efficiently.

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