Brett Hersh

Ross Silverstein, president and CEO of iPROMOTEu, and Brett Hersh, president of Admints and Zagabor, were special guests at this year's Indianapolis 500. They visited the garages and the pit area and track, they attended special sponsor events, and met such luminaries as Mario Andretti and David Letterman.

On May 2, 2010 Bellmawr, New Jersey-based Admints & Zagabor finished its acquisition of Yummy Photo. Brett Hersh, president of Admints & Zagabor commented, “We are very excited to add the delicious products of Yummy Photo to our company.

Last year was so chock-full of great ideas, we couldn't fit them all into our 2009 Sales Outlook. Below, you'll find the tips we just couldn't squeeze in.

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