Chad Majewski

Effective January 1, 2010, Amsterdam, New York-based Noteworthy announced the company is ending artwork charges. Chad Majewski, vice president of sales, explained, "Lately we've obsessed about simplicity. Artwork charges are a frustration to deal with so we decided to end them completely. If necessary, we'll fix any artwork for free."

Noteworthy, Amsterdam, N.Y. announced an overall strategy to bring about innovation in the non-woven bag market. According to Anthony Constantino, general manager, "dozens of suppliers are pushing non-woven bags, but everyone has similar styles and pricing. We didn't want to aggressively go after the non-woven market unless we could do something different."

Noteworthy, Amsterdam, N.Y., announced the launch of the company's new bumper stickers and decals. According to Chad Majewski, vice president of sales for Noteworthy, "Our new bumper stickers are truly the world's best. A quick look at our offering and you'll know why. Our minimums are 50 pieces and pricing is 70 percent lower than competition for full color."

Amsterdam, New York-based Noteworthy is ready to take orders for K-R memo books. New pricing is available upon request. According to owner Carol Constantino, "We owe our swift progress to our good fortune in hiring key K-R personnel and relocating them to Amsterdam, New York. I never saw us get a machine up and running this fast, but we're ready to take orders immediately."

Amsterdam, New York-based Noteworthy announced it will introduce seven new product lines in the coming weeks. According to Chad Majewski, vice president of sales, "We're aggressively targeting some of the most established product lines in our industry. It will be quite a surprise once the curtain is unveiled. I'm honestly shocked we managed to keep our new developments a secret."

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