Craig Zucker

Jeff is executive director of the Quality Certification Alliance (QCA). Prior to that, he was responsible for developing safe and compliant brand merchandise for Michelin. He has worked with brands in publishing, consumer products, broadcasting and film for over 30 years. Follow Jeff on Twitter, and QCA on Facebook.

There is much to-do about magnets lately. We wrote previously about the lawsuit filed by the CPSC against Craig Zucker, CEO of Maxfield and Oberton, the manufacturer of Buckyballs. We then heard from Scott Wolfson, director of communications for the CPSC, who offered some observations as well as some clarifications.

The CPSC opened a can of worms when it went after former Buckyballs CEO Craig Zucker in his personal capacity earlier this year. His transgression? Refusing CPSC's request to voluntarily and permanently remove his company's entire Buckyballs product line from the marketplace. Attorneys from Keller and Heckman shred the rationale for the agency's misguided decision—and question the Administrative Law Judge's actions to date.

The authors primarily take issue with suing Zucker personally.  "Individuals," they point out, "do not check their free speech rights at the door when they disagree with agency actions and exercise their rights to object."

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