Eric Belcher

Eric Belcher isn't exactly printing piles of money at InnerWorkings Inc., but he's slowly winning over some investors.

The online-printing broker's stock is up 30 percent in the past year, and if Mr. Belcher continues the run, it could surpass the peak of $18.69 a share in late 2007.

To do it, the InnerWorkings CEO will have to deliver on big growth targets he has set for himself this year. He's promising 40 to 50 percent higher profit, about 59 cents per share or $30.6 million, raising the bar higher than Wall Street expected.

InnerWorkings is a Chicago-based smallcap. The firm specializes in print logistics—using technology to coordinate between firms who wish to buy printed materials and the manufacturers who create them.

"We buy printed materials better than anyone else in the world," Belcher explained. "Using our data technology, we buy product materials on behalf of our clients—displays, packaging, direct mail promotional items and labels."

InnerWorkings exists as a way to solve a problem of waste and inefficiency in the printing sector.

Generally speaking, according to Belcher, the market for printed materials is a quagmire.

InnerWorkings Inc. announced that it acquired has Productions Graphics. Headquartered in Paris, Productions Graphics is a leading international print management firm with particular strength in continental Europe.

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