Eric Rubin

The $22 billion cannabis industry is expected to reach more than $46 billion in value by 2027. Eric Rubin, president of Blue Generation, joined the show to talk about the huge promotional products sales opportunities the market presents, especially in branded apparel. Plus, Sean and Brendan are talking Blockbuster Video! Get your JNCO jeans ready, because only '90s kids will remember this episode...

Historically, it's been tough to find the right fit in promotional apparel for woman. According to Eric Rubin, president of Blue Generation by M. Rubin & Sons, Long Island City, N.Y., the secret is how an item can accommodate a woman's curves. "The addition of spandex enables the fabric to stretch in just the right places to conform to the wearer's body," he said. If the fabric gives a little when you apply tension, it's a good bet it will be able to flatter a variety of sizes.

I love when body parts make a "comeback." Isn't it great? Like, no one had legs until shorts became popular again a couple years ago.

Go find a cardboard box. It can be square or rectangular. Then, grab a piece of paper (newspaper, wrapping paper, tissue paper, doesn’t matter). Wrap the box. Even those who, during the holiday wrapping bonanza, invariably find themselves covered in little scraps and pieces of tape—not to mention the proud giver of a misshapen, lumpy gift—will agree this is (conceptually) a fairly easy task.

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