Gina Barreca

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Over the course of the last year, yes, we’ve done the work for you. We made the phone calls, tracked down the information and basically annoyed anyone in our collective path—all in the name of quality editorial coverage.

Understanding the purpose and provisions of private label apparel THE KEY TO anything is to first understand it and then decide how best to use it. Consider the human tear duct and its byproduct. It is widely understood tears are the body’s mechanism for cleansing the eyes of foreign objects as well as for lubricating the eyeballs. However, most people would readily agree that tears are best used to pull at heart strings and ultimately to get one’s way! Although customized promotional apparel is hardly anything to cry about, the same principle applies to the notion of private labeling in the industry. The

THE COLOR GREEN has always been closely linked to golf. There’s the deeply colored grass blanketing golf courses, often reputed to be reason enough for golfers to haul irons over hills, if just to practice their swing. There are the lucrative business deals made on the course and in the clubhouse, or the state of being “green with envy” for the wealth which hovers as closely to the sport’s reputation as an overzealous caddy might to his or her golfers. Golf’s many connections to the color green shouldn’t only tempt its players, though—a few facts make a strong financial case for the success of

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