Jack Teague

After more than 30 years with BIC, Jack Teague, general manager of Clearwater, Florida-based BIC Graphic USA, announced his retirement effective March 1, 2009.  Teague will continue to work on special projects related to the graphic business, representing the company at trade shows, industry events and local community organizations through September 2010. 

Reporting a sales value in excess of $15 million, Atchison Products, Atchison, Kan., has signed a definitive agreement to be purchased by Clearwater, Florida-based BIC Graphic USA. The agreement is expected to close on Aug. 31. According to Jack Teague, president of BIC Global Graphic, a major benefit of the acquisition is getting Atchison’s products—totes, bags, coolers and backpacks—into the hands of more distributors. “We believe that the biggest sales opportunity is the fact that Atchison Products currently sells to less than 3,000 distributors within our industry,” he noted, adding that BIC’s distributor count is more than 15,000. “Our expectation is to mutually work

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